For peace of mind, check these ten essential points before you head for the slopes.

1 - How much does Carré Neige insurance cost ?

Less than €17 per person per week. Price per day and per person = €2.80, 1 week = €16.80, or a flat rate of €22.40 from 8 to 21 days.

2 - Is Carré Neige worth the price in terms of coverage ?

Yes. If you have an accident:

  • - You do not need to pay in advance for the cost of emergency services on the slopes, or the cost of an ambulance or helicopter to the nearest medical centre or hospital.
  • - A single point of contact to manage your dossier.

3 - How much does a rescue operation cost ?

On average, on-piste rescue can cost between 176€ and 391€, with off-piste rescue costing up to 732€

  • - on-piste rescue in distant zone: 391€
  • - from the bottom of the slopes to a hospital: 278€
  • - from the piste to a medical centre: 181€
  • - from a medical centre to a hospital: 314€
  • - Helicopter: 1 389€

average costs*

Carré Neige Alpine rescue data, General Meeting of the Comité de Ski de Savoie – 10 October 2015

4 - What guarantees are offered with my bank card ?

In all cases and regardless of the bank card in question, you must contact your bank for precise information as to the specific winter sports coverage that it provides. Certain cards, such as Visa Premier and Gold MasterCard, offer winter sports coverage, but it is necessary to pay by card in order for these guarantees to be applicable. In some cases, only the cardholder is insured and, depending on the card, coverage may be limited to the members of the fiscal residence.

5 - If I have an accident, will the social security system and private health insurance cover my medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation costs ?

Yes, but in some cases, social security and private health insurance do not reimburse all costs. Carré Neige will reimburse your remaining costs* over and above the reimbursement provided by social security and private health insurance, up to €3000 and subject to an excess of €46.

* With the exception of the exclusions set out in the contract (see section 3.1 of the leaflet).

6 – In the event of an accident, will the cost of ski passes and ski school be reimbursed* ?

Yes, if you have paid for a ski pass or ski school for more than three days, with Carré Neige you will be reimbursed for the unused part of the service on presentation of an initial medical certificate stating that you are unable to ski.

* see section 2.1

7 – Does Carré Neige include civil liability coverage ?

No. In some countries, you, your children and any other people living with you are generally already covered by your home insurance policy.

8 – How long does it take to receive reimbursement from Carré Neige ?

If your dossier is complete, you should receive a reimbursement within 20 days*.

* NOTE: This timescale is for guidance only and may be longer during peak periods for ski resorts.

9 – Does Carré Neige cover medical repatriation services ?

Yes, if you live in a European country, with Carré Neige you can benefit from medical repatriation via Europ Assistance to your place of fiscal residence without the need for advance payment.

* Geographic Europe

10- What is the difference between Carré Neige and Carte Neige?

Carré Neige offers insurance on a per day basis up to a maximum of 21 days, whereas Carte Neige provides insurance for the entire season.

See you soon on the slopes!


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